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10.4.2018 - TNF - Colts @ Patriots Game Day Thread


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1 minute ago, joed2323 said:

Glad I didn't start Gordon like some of these crazy Gordon lovers.


I will be suprised if he gets more then 2 targets. 


Is he primarily only being used as a decoy

He has been benched in favor of Dorsett because he wasn't decoying properly

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Just now, m_cox22 said:

As a dynasty owner of Michel I’m a little concerned. He has absolutely no wiggle right now. The runs he’s done well are huge holes.


Man it's a good thing you don't actually work for an organization paid to evaluate players...

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9 minutes ago, MrPositive said:


More explosive than Hines? He's almost a second slower lol. The Colts are being silly not passing to Hines and rushing him instead. He needs space for those legs to go


Almost a second slower?


anyway im not talking about 40 td times or anything, just my opinion after watching both these guys in limited action. 

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5 minutes ago, Sternes said:

I'm going to get a bag of these and enjoy a gastric exorcism instead of watching the rest of this game




Are those the ones with a "LITTLE" THC in them LOL

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I'm going to add a "Booger like obvious comment" and say that the Colts cant win with Field Goals against a high powered Pats team

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3 minutes ago, Asian Sensation said:


A browns fan? Is this real life?


All he would do is fake hamstring injuries and fly down to Florida claiming "I'm about to relapse!". We don't need that nonsense anymore.

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