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Thomas for Hunt? W H I R

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Me 3-1

WRs: MThomas, Hopkins, Cooks, Boyd

RB: Mixon, ACollins, DLewis, CTompson, Buck Allen   (eeeew)


Him 2-2 

WR: Chris Godwin, CDavis, Jordy N, Fitz, Agholor, Funchess, Albert Wilson   (puke)

RB: MGordon, Hunt, Connor


A perfect match of an RB poor team and WR poor team that can help each other. 

I'd likely have throw in a 2nd RB as he is only rostering those 3.

My RBs are serviceable, so maybe I should stand pat and let things develop.


Thomas+DLewis for Hunt+CDavis?

Hopkins+CThompson Hunt+Davis?

Hopkins+CThompson+Collins for Gordon+Godwin?



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I would trade Michael Thomas for Kareem Hunt, because I believe it would balance your team nicely. You would have two elite RBs, and your WRs would still be very good with Hopkins, Cooks, and Boyd. I like the first trade option you suggested, Thomas and Dion Lewis for Kareem Hunt and Corey Davis. If he will accept that trade then pull the trigger. Please help with mine, thanks. 



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