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I just acquired d cook and for the first time the Gurley owner was willing to give me an offer for Gurley... his offer:


I get: Gurley, njoku, cole

I give: ingram, d cook, AB


May try to counter with ingram, d cook, watson and a WR but i doubt he accepts. What are your thoughts on the offer... its salivating the thought of having gurley and kamara.



12 team redraft, 0.5ppr, start qb, 2rb, 2wr, te, flex


My roster:


Kamara, ingram, d cook, l miller

AB, evans, golladay, MJJ, funchess, lockett, j gordon

j cook


his roster:

wilson, mayfield

gurley, mixon, drake, duke

sanders, c davis, allison, mike williams, cole

rudolph, njoku

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I don't think you're getting enough back in return, as the extras the other guy is sending are just filler. I don't mind parting with your side to get Gurley as long as some usable assets are coming back with him. See if you can get really any of his other WRs in place of Cole. Take out Njoku from his side if it will get you a better WR.

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It's pretty close to be honest. I'm a believer in Golladay so I think you'll do fine with him. I'd do a counter with a small change like maybe try to get Allison instead of Cole, someone you'll use at WR if need be. To me you'd be making this move based on a belief that Ingram isn't going to put up the same numbers he did last year. I'd rather start Kamara, Gurley, Evans, and Golladay than Kamara, Ingram, Evans, and AB; but it's very very close. 

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