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Marvin Bagley III 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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This kid's amazing. He should be featured much more and start over nemanja.

48 minutes ago, yeet said:

I wish Joerger wasn't such a dumbass and would give their #2 overall pick some ******** touches. I thought rebuilding teams were supposed to build up their young players that have star potential. And I'm not just talking about garbage time, he needs more touches in general. The offence should flow through him and Fox imo.



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Literally cannot score with his right hand.  Just straight up refuses to use it.  He even tries to lay it up with the left when driving right/to the right side of the basket.  It'll be interesting to see how he fairs when oppositions try to close that off.  To be fair though considering he's getting a lot of junk time there may not be a lot of defense played anyway.

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Hope Bagley gets unleashed.  Not sure why a rebuilding team is starting veterans over their young guys.  He looks to have good chemistry with Justin Jackson and should both be starting.


btw where can we post to get people to vote for position eligibility?  Dude was often the only big on the floor last night (Giles barely played) and should have C eligibility!  I’ll post it here but mod please redirect if wrong forum.



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1 hour ago, fabrar said:

Impatient owner dropped this kid to the wire, so I just burned my #1 waiver claim to pick him up. Hope I made the right decision! Love his upside but Joerger has some truly wack rotations.

His rotations are usually whack, but it's hard to justify playing Bjelica at the 3, especially with Bogdan coming back.  He just needs to sub in bagley for WCS more and let him and Bjelica play together.  That would be Bagleys path to 30 mins. 

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I think that’s what most of his owners are hoping for.  He’s putting up decent numbers now for your team to get by and make the playoffs however it’s his playoff schedule and the fact he’s due to be unleashed that the owners used a pick on him.

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3 hours ago, GriffeySwag said:

Kings gonna King. Drafted this dude over JJJ, Doncic and Carter. Lol

The thing is that they had a young player with upside for every position except PF.


PG: Fox

SG: Hield

SF: Bogdanovic

PF: Bjelica (old)


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10 minutes ago, yeet said:



Joerger might be on the hot seat if he doesn't play their young players more. And it shows, Bagley already has 17 minutes at the half!


The Kings front office are idiots if they thought Joerger was going to suddenly change his MO just because of one player.  Joerger has taken this approach with his rotations literally his entire head coaching career in the NBA.  Did it in Memphis and it served him well.  He's then done the same thing in SAC and made the rookies earn their mins and even then they weren't completely unleashed. 


Having said this I would be surprised if they fire him just for this.  Joerger's been the best coach this team has had since Adelman.  It's not like Bagley isn't getting mins and we're only in November.  Marathon, sprint, etc etc.

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I would add Bagley ( I did ) 


He has real skills, and just needs the opportunity.  We saw the Kings start out hot, and Bjeliica was on fire, but his age doesn't fit with the core of the Kings roster.  I think the Kings could wait until Bjellica heats up again, and trade him, or if he never gets it going enough, they just decide to make the switch to Bagley at the 4. 


Even the Kings at their best have no shot at contending, and being a middle-of-the-pack team is literally the worst place to be in the NBA.  The Kings are sick of losing so the ONLY move here is to develop the young talent, lose for one more season, and get that top pick in a loaded draft coming up.  Bagley and Fox can start developing chemistry ASAP.  This is going to happen, it's just a matter of when.  For the Kings sake, the sooner the better.

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