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Marvin Bagley III 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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This kid's amazing. He should be featured much more and start over nemanja.

1 hour ago, TonyRomo said:

Who's the better hold? JJJ or Bagley?


Bagley is a better hold. But there's a chance that JJJ comes back first.

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1 hour ago, Tom Chambers said:



It said he's reevaluated in 1-2 weeks, not returning in 1-2 weeks.

No. It said ruled out 1 to 2 weeks. Meaning 2 weeks is likely the higher end. Even if its 3 from now still makes it back for week 23 (yahoo semis) 

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5 hours ago, brosephd said:

hopefully he's serviceable by week 23. that sexy PO schedule. 

Yeah holding tight because of this. I have some wiggle room but I still hope he comes back by early next week. 

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Hoping that he doesn't play tonight. Need him to stay on that IR spot so that I can work my roster.  

I have Isaac, who I'll be dropping tomorrow morning (only 2 games next week, which is a killer) and picking up a streamer for Fri-Sat, and then activate Bagley on Sunday.

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