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*UNOFFICIAL* ‘Who I would drop for D’Onta Foreman’ Thread

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Twitter is ‘a flutter with fokls asking experts who’d they would drop for D’Onta Foreman. 

Reports are out that Foreman is ‘on track’ for week 7 return. After showing great promise last season, Foreman tore his Achilles’ tendon. 

Talk is that no RB has returned successfully from such a brutal injury. 

Lamar Miller has disappointed owners (again) and has them ready to drop him. 

So a potentially sweet bell cow back role in a potent offense could be coming available, though Texans’ o-line is considered the league’s worst, and Alfred Blue is still there. 

On the Foreman thread, there’s debates among rotoballers (most non-doctors, it is assumed) on whether his return would come week 7 or week 11 or anywhere in between. 

Foreman is currently the most added player at Yahoo. 

It would be useful for most to get a sense of where serious fantasy players place the value of Foreman. 

Please share who you would drop for him or who you would drop to enter the D’Onta Foreman Sweepstakes. 

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Not anyone I would consider playing. Miller is playing bad but best case scenario is its a RB rotation. Making both unplayable. I doubt he comes in and just becomes a workhorse. Then theres the achilles injury to consider even IF he's still the same player.

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