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Pascal Siakam 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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2 minutes ago, richg24 said:

52% or so. Still good fg%. Its mainly the points that will drop a lot. He averaged 20 last week. O don't think anyone in here would argue that he will average over 14 ppg. He is gonna be a nice top 75 player it seems, with some bigger game upside. I was only even in here to begin with because gile pile said that he will finish better than bledsoe which I still think is crazy

I still do, Siakam  will be higher that Bledsoe.   We will see  who was right in the spring :D

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Oh no you're right, 3 weeks into the season his fate is sealed.. he was only a top 35 player last season in the exact same situation. May as well trade Jokic for Nurkic now too seeing as Jokic is play

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On 11/11/2018 at 11:31 PM, ellejamil said:

I want to see at least 1 3PM per game for me to finally pick him up, the rest of what he does is already really good. I just really need a 1-1-1 guy since I'm already on the line with Otto

Okay now I'm starting to regret waiting.

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7 minutes ago, Jin said:

Love how this guy doesn't hurt owners in any CAT. 


He's really really solid.  Each of his last 9 games have all been great.  I'm starting to come to expect these types of lines from him now.


I drafted him in the last round; I liked him a lot but wasn't sure how many minutes he'd get.  I never could have anticipated he'd be this good though.

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26 minutes ago, Espoiral said:

Really regret not picking this guy up when I had the chance to. Talent trumps opportunity, yet I kept telling myself that injuries to other players were the only thing allowing Siakam to feast.


That's always my thinking during the last few rounds of the draft.  Has worked out well for me with Siakam.  Not so well with Boban, but that's what bench spots are for.

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