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Pascal Siakam 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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28 minutes ago, ovofnd said:




Probably the only trade where I felt sick doing it. I wanted to take it back immediately.


It’s fine, the same manager traded Kemba/Middleton for Oladipo/Kyrie — I bought low on Kyrie during his slow start. You win some and lose some, I guess! Have had some good wins (flipping Jokic for AD, Gasol for Collins/JV/McCollum, etc). 


Not too fazed by it, but yes, I felt very sick trading Siakam+JV for Nurkic. I know people in our group chat tried to devalue Siakam and scare managers off so I wouldn’t net anything good too (“Flash in the pan, FG will regress”). Roto 9-cat, long season, etc.


Enjoy the ride, I miss him already! 



I need some comforting now :lol: I haven’t felt that bad about a trade since my rookie fantasy year a decade ago — have a v good money league record winning 85% of the time and have never placed outside of top 3 in H2H or Roto. Ever. This is probably one I regret most. Speaks a lot about how good I consider Siakam! Don’t really care for JV.


I want my boy back!

I would suggest not visiting this thread ever again lol

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Oh no you're right, 3 weeks into the season his fate is sealed.. he was only a top 35 player last season in the exact same situation. May as well trade Jokic for Nurkic now too seeing as Jokic is play

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2 minutes ago, Kamura said:

I would suggest not visiting this thread ever again lol


Hurts me every time I see it bumped. 


I plan on trading back for him. But for now, I have my bench guys (SGA, Kings Bogdanovic) filling in that ‘WW project’ role :lol:


See y’all very soon, the boy will come home!!!

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What an absolute beast. I'm also not biased to when I say Leonard lost the Raps this game. TOR ran iso for him most of the last 5 minutes...he bricked a couple and turned it over on the potential game winning shot. Siakam stood in the corner for days, got looked off and STILL had the defensive energy to make key stops (forced a traveling violation on Reggie Jackson with some Draymond like defense after a switch/monster game saving block for naught). This guy is special.

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3 minutes ago, gill2k said:

Siakam actually got beat on that second-to-last play.  That was setup for an alley-oop and he recovered quick for the block.


Who else could recover to make that play without fouling? This guy has crazy potential on both ends of the floor

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