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Drafting With No Knowledge?

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Hey guys, I'm not much of a basketball watcher so I don't know a lot about the players. But since I'm in a 4 sport league I have to draft a basketball team. The good news is that I got some solid keepers, but I'm wondering how you guys think I did with the rest of the draft.


14 team H2H league

Categories: FG%, FT%, 3PM, PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, TO


PG R. Westbrook (Keeper)

SG K. Leonard (Keeper)

G J. Teague (78th overall)

SF K. Durant (Keeper)

PF A. Gordon (Keeper)

F K. Kuzma (101st overall)

C D. Ayton (73rd overall)

C J. Nurkic (Keeper)

BE L. Doncic (87th overall)

BE D. Russell (115th overall)

BE J. Hart (129th overall)

BE M. Morris (143rd overall)

BE R. Gay (157th overall)


So how do you guys think I did? Where could I improve? Any moves I should make? 


I appreciate any help. Thanks :)

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3 minutes ago, Chuck3222 said:

Not sure about Nurk as a keeper but I like your team...especially getting Ayton. I think he will be a beast and great keeper. Looks good for limited knowledge, nice job!


Yeah Nurkic was kept mostly because of lack of options. I don't forsee him being kept next year and hopefully if all goes well Ayton and Doncic could be keepers?

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11 hours ago, tazdingo said:

I’m not that savvy with keeper leagues but who do you have on your FA list? That Morris pick could be swapped out for someone with a lot more upside. 


Difficulty is that it kind of needs to be a big man since there are 2 center slots and Morris is my only bench center.


A couple options there would be Len or Hernangomez?

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Hernangomez has definitely a lot more upside than Morris. And I’m sure if Willy is available, it probably means Cody Zeller (who also might start over Willy) is available. Either way, taking a gamble on either of them over Markieff/Marcus Morris is probably the move you should do. 

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