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Jack up my first auction, any advice?

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Hey Rotofolks,


My league switched formats and held it's first auction and .. I do not feel great about my team. Though I'm happy to report that the auction draft went over gangbusters, everyone had way more fun, and we're never going back. Anyways! 10-team H2H 9-Cat, one win. Roster, in buy order:


Donny Mitchel: $18 (keeper price)

Gary Harris: $9 (keeper price)

Paul George: $42

Chris Paul: $36

Rudy Gobert: $27

Khris Middleton: $27

Paul Millsap: $11

Josh Jackson: $6

Buddy Hield: $2

Serge Ibaka: $4

DeAndre Jordan: $11

Darren Collison: $4

Mitchell Robinson: $1

Danilo Gallinari: (waiver)


I didn't intend on bidding up CP3 and ending up with him. Not a bad price, but I didn't support his stat profile, overspent on wings, and wasted some money on Josh Jackson. Ended up with a team of good players at okay prices, some contradictory build options.  


My first instinct was to flip CP3+DJ for a PG whose value isn't as tied up in assists (they're tough to chase and I don't have any strengths to sacrifice) and a middle-tier PF, punt assists and pull out of the FT% hole. Either that or just move CP3, double-punt assists and FTs and cross my fingers on points.


Anybody seeing anything I'm not? WHIR if ya got it.

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