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Darren Collison 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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I believe it's the last year of his contract, so there's that.   Looking over his game logs last season, it seems there will be nights like this.   The only thing that irked me is

I hate you

13 minutes ago, SanFranz said:

Anyone still holding on? It’s so hard to stay with this bum.

considering dropping him for winslow

Streaming his spot now, Pacers also only play two games next week on Fri and Sat.

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3 hours ago, Dougie0939 said:

Collison is starting to look better every game, I think he’s a way better option than Joseph 


Joseph seems to be playing more because of his defense and him being younger. They’re preserving collison a bit, he’s a big time clutch performer and never falls under pressure but rocking him 30+ min a game will destroy his energy n higher chance of injury. It’s weird how they stagger both of them, Joseph n collison together is pretty bonkers. Each game will net u 14 assist and 3-4 steals 

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1 minute ago, AdvRider said:

Boom, another plus game Tues Dec 4, season high 23 pts... fifth plus game in a row, I would say. I've been holding, resisting temptation to drop... looking good lately and ya hope it's not all because Viola is out.


I think its all because of Dipo being out but Im still loving it !!

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