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James White for Cooper Kupp?

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12 team 1 pt PPR league. I'm light on RBs and loaded at WR so I'm hesitant. I'm also 5-0 so not trying to stir the pot. Still an intriguing offer.


QB: Kirk Cousins

RB: Melvin Gordon, James White, Mark Ingram, Tarik Cohen, Aaron Jones

WR: Michael Thomas, Juju, Kenny Galloway, Josh Gordon

TE: Evan Engram, Jordan Reed, Greg Olsen

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I wouldn’t make that trade. The Your 5-0 and you have a strong roster at all positions. If that’s the case I only look to package for star players to poor teams. No equal value trades. It’s hard to turn down 2-3 potential starters when your roster is thin.


Since you have 3 good TE’s and everyone is starving for one I would start there. The only guys that are untouchable would be Melvin and Thomas. And you only trade Ingram or White if your getting a better RB back in the package.



help with mine?


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