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Spencer Dinwiddie 2018-19 Season Outlook


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Started today, but so far 26 minutes of very little production, and just one foul. Noticed Shabazz Napier has been taken out of the cryogenic machine to be 16 points, and similarly DeMarre Carroll with 19 and having hardly missed a shot. Is this one of those 'matchup' things or something more sinister? Spencer has also just one foul and is only -4 so it's not like he's been blown away.

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Wrong Shabazz
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Just now, Heavy_Jon said:

Jeez forgot that completely. I've traded Russell a week ago cuz I finally came to the conclusion that he isn't a franchise player, and I guess the Nets too. 

"Once a snitch, always a snitch"    Swaggy P


I don`t think he is a starter in this league, what about franchise player :lol:


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14 hours ago, jzmagic said:

lol at Russell jacking up every single shot against his former team... pathetic.


Did you watch the game?  He was not jacking shots.  Yes he took the most shots on the team, but most of the shots were completely in the flow of the game and he consistently looked to set up his teammates first.

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