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Bam Adebayo Season Outlook 18-19

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Hate to burst your buddles, but even with all the stupid franchises in the NBA right now no-one is trading for Whiteside this year (and probably not next year either). He has $52M left over the next 2

You obviously checked the box score... just look at the foul column next time instead of posting it on here.

I am sure they give a damn about your fantasy team dude. 

Very hard to tell. Tonight he was huge with all the regulars out. The other night he played 25 minutes and did little when the regulars played. I was gonna grab him with my open spot, but opted for Isaac just due to the fact that isaac did some damage despite the regulars playing. 


I hate this time of the year when we don't know  who our dead weight is yet! I wanna add just in case as Whiteside insurance. Miami really needs to make a trade 

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It’ll be really hard to add him with Whiteside in there fully healthy. It’s exactly like the “Dwight/Gortat” situation when they were both still in Orlando. That said, keep your ears close to the ground since Miami is trying to get Butler and Bam was one of the pieces Minnesota wanted.

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Don’t forget that Olynyk also plays at the 5 as well when they go small.

6 minutes ago, EmbiidGOAT said:

Log jam, next season will be his to shine. 


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7 hours ago, XOrad10 said:


Poeltl will have more minutes than Bam Adebayo. 


Not necessarily true.  San Antonio has Gasol and LMA who will also play minutes at center in small-ball lineups with Gay at PF.


Miami on the other hand with James Johnson out seems they will be starting Olynck at PF, which at the moment will give Bam all the backup minutes behind Whiteside.  Remains to be seen what will happen when James Johnson returns.  Either way I don't see Whiteside playing over 26 minutes / game (even with as good as he's looked in preseason).  Whiteside is also quite injury and foul prone.  Bam at minimum is a must-own handcuff if you own Whitside.

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If Whiteside gets moved or injured then I'm on Big Bam in a heartbeat. But until then unfortunately he won't get enough minutes to make an impact in standard leagues. Keep an eye out for him though because I feel like Whiteside's days in Miami are numbered.

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