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Risky play or savvy move? Drop Big Ben and Lamar Miller?? WHIR

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12 team std league QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLX (R/W/T), DST, K, BENCH=7 IR slot =1


Starters: QB: Mahomes RB: Mel Gordon, Mixon, WR: D. Adams, Diggs, FLX: Carson, TE: Njoku, DST: Panthers, K: Parkey

Bench: Big Ben, Lindsay, Ekeler, La. Miller, C. Davis, Shepard, Burton, (O.J. Howard (IR slot) no longer IR eligible would need to drop to make nay moves)


Thinking about making these moves... 

Drop: O.J. Howard, Big Ben, Lamar Miller (WW position # 7 not likely to get Miller back)

Pick up D'Onta Foreman (IR slot), Winston, and either Ronald Jones II or Marlon Mack.


I feel like i have enough RB depth to absorb any potential loss from dropping Miller. I like Foreman's upside although Achilles injuries take a while.

Wintson's #s were good last yr when he finally got healthy and look at what Fitz did with this roster and Ben is always up and down.

Jones and Mack are potential starters for the ROS. I prefer Jones's 3 down potential vs Mack b/c Heins is not going anywhere.


Is this a risky play or savvy move??

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16 minutes ago, Spuds said:

Drop Howard for Foreman. Colts RB situation is a mess. Foreman could replace Miller who you already own.


I would do this.  You're talking about a bench spot anyway - might as well go for a big upside play.  Foreman has more upside than Mack, I think.  He may not realize it this season, but you won't be out much if he doesn't.


Thanks for mine!

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