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FLEX: Carson, Lindsay, Miller, Ekeler?? Pick 1 WHIR

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12 team std league QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLX (R/W/T), DST, K, BENCH=7 IR slot =1


Starters: QB: Mahomes RB: Mel Gordon, Mixon, WR: D. Adams, Diggs, FLX: Carson, TE: Njoku, DST: Panthers, K: Parkey

Bench: Big Ben, Lindsay, Ekeler, La. Miller, C. Davis, Shepard, Burton


Have Carson penciled in at Flex change for Lindsay, Miller, Ekeler??


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I like Carson. Raiders Run D is horrid and Carson runs hard. Ekeler and Lindsay have a little tougher matchups, and Ekeler is a little TD dependent, even though I love the guy. Miller I wouldn't even consider. Thanks for help on mine.

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