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Joe Ingles 2018-19 Season Outlook

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What is up with these posts in like every thread.   Yes, we know he's not going to average 24 PPG and break the NBA record for 3 pointers.  Thank you for the hot take.

Joe Hablo Ingles

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5 hours ago, Quazza said:

Outside of the shooting it was actually a pretty good line 


2 hours ago, SuperHans said:

 Agreed. No complaints for me. 


Me either. He did exactly what I look for from him and where he is valuable. 2 threes, some steals, and some assists. And has been doing all year.


If people are looking for him to score like those first few games he had over 20 points, they are looking in the wrong place.

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On 12/19/2018 at 6:47 AM, DoctorLove said:

Can he keep up this 1.6 steal per game pace?  We know 2 or so three pointers will be there, but I'm looking at those steals and wondering if he can keep that up.


I really hope he can keep it up to make up for the inconsistencies. :unsure: 

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4 minutes ago, bmoney0111 said:

The steals are the only good thing owning him. I was able to move him for Cauley-stein.


Cant drop him but damn the mediocre lines you get from the guy 75 percent of the time is maddening. He called himself the best shooter in the NBA. 😂👎🤬

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Yes he has been inconsistent this year with his shot.  But overall he is basically providing a lot of the same value he did last year just with a worse FG%. Essentially the same points (on one more FG attempt), same assists, about half a three less, half a steal more (which has been very helpful), and half a rebound less.


He had 3 scoring duds in a row now - but 4 good games preceded those duds.  In December he was 11ppg, 5asp, 1.5spg, 1.9 threes.  Make another three a game and it is essentially what anyone should've expected from him.    


And for me, that is what I drafted him for.  The combination of assists, steals, and threes is why he is valuable and cannot really be replicated from many on the WW at this point, so I see no reason in dropping him.  This is a dude that shot 44% from three for two years in a row and this year he is at 37%.  Might not get to 44%, but I imagine he starts to get hot for a longer period of time very soon. 

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6 hours ago, fabrar said:

He just got dropped lol. Gonna put in a claim but I'm #5 on the priority so not sure I'll even get there 

somebody dropped him in my league too. was gonna burn my 2nd waiver but decided against it. nobody picked him up so i added him..


you might not have to burn your waiver 

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