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DeWayne Dedmon 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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4 hours ago, Jonno26 said:

Whats up with his minutes. Is he eventually going to take over the starting job in Atlanta and is he worth holding on to? 


He immediatley got into foul trouble last two games. The coach is trying to play him (subs him in for Len around the 9 minute mark) but he’s been immediately racking up fouls as soon as he’s in there . If he can’t get the fouls under control it will be an ongoing problem.

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Did some snooping around and found out he had his first kid this wk, so would explain why he took those games off.


In case any of you guys in deeper leagues were debating what to do with him. Looks like he’ll back soon. I thought Lloyd was phasing him out of the rotation completely. Should be business as usual, still the one worth owning over Len.


But once Collins comes back it’ll be really interesting to see how the Hawks distributes the front court mins

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9 minutes ago, squidthunder said:

so - he gets the start tonight. Is this a permanent move or just to slow down Drummond?


Not sure if it even matters. Him and Len have been essentially splitting center min. Down the middle all year.  If that changes than I’ll be interested. 

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