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DeWayne Dedmon 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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Not bad for a 52 year old. 

He's good when he's on the floor. The fracture is the main concern, such a big body trying to recover.    I can see Len playing ALOT this year. 

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3 hours ago, mcflywalker said:

Would've been an ultra-beast on the rockets but alas. Is there any trade that would make him a hot commodity?


I remember Josh Lloyd saying any trade would destroy his value basically, and that he is the most likely hawk to be traded. Probably try to sell high rn

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9 hours ago, Asapjoshy said:

Guys been top 25 last two weeks , nobody talking about this stud 


sucks they’re saying he might be traded to the 76ers though that would kill his value 


I love Dedmon, def one of the unsung heros across my various leagues this season.


Unfortunately it seems a lot of teams see his value too, seems to be garnering a lot of interest...praying he stays in Atlanta...I love my 1-1-1 bigs 

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1 hour ago, Tierjerk said:

Would you guys rather pick him or Jahlil up for ROS? I think Dedmon's game but the shutdown risk of AD might give Jahlil an edge right?


It depends on what you need, Dedmon gives 3's and steals with a lower fg% but great ft% for a big. He's also pretty much guaranteed the start and minutes ros. 

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On 2/16/2019 at 9:42 PM, bruceleroy7 said:

Do you guys think the Hawks will start limiting his minutes later on or is he gonna be 24-25 min rest of season?


Even if they do, he produces in that time frame anyways... so I wouldn’t fret about it... I’d be more worried if it was in the 18-20 minute range 

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