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Dario Saric 2018-2019 Thread


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21 minutes ago, izebyk said:

If I remember correctly, last year he started out slow too


started very slow and I dropped him and greatly regretted it. Holding for now as tough as it's been... the minutes are there for him and the team knows what he can do 

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23 hours ago, bornsellign said:


He is fat...a fat piece of crap. Drop City

Grow up and have a little pride in what you write...ridiculous...these are human beings you're writing about, and my Homie for that matter, so relax and actually bring something to the table instead of your childish analysis..


Now back to real fantasy analysis:


The Homie will come thru for you, he started slow last year too and I scooped him up and man was I happy...I'm not trying to make someone else in my league happy...no sir... I kicked around dropping him for Mikal Bridges who I reallyyyy like too, but there may be someone else on my roster, and yours to drop, beside the Homie...stay strong Roundballers...


and stay classy too. :ph34r:

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26 minutes ago, thezing1 said:

He turned the corner. Playing with confidence. He always drops some duds, but he should be rostered in most formats. Embiid's development will cap his upside though. 


 there is no more embiid development. He has developed. The process has ended.


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