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Jakob Poeltl 2018-2019 Season Outlook


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Few things:

  • path to around 20 min per game is clear
  • if Spurs are out of playoffs, that can increase significantly
  • Aldridge will get odd rest days
  • Jakob does not hurt you anywhere  (FT% is low, but also are FTA)
  • 8/8/1.5 blk/ less than 1 TO/ elite FG% in 20 min is quite possible
  • if you can use those numbers, then he is must add

Do I need to say I just did ?

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On 12/8/2018 at 4:47 AM, Jake the snake said:


LMA really needs to become a legit outside threat for that to happen. But as a Raptor fan I know a lot about Poeltl. He is really good and smart player. He can't shoot but is an excellent defender, moves his feet brilliantly, runs the floor well and his passing game is underrated. He works his ar$e off too. I can't really understand why he was in Pop's doghouse. Admittedly the fit with DeMar and LMA isn't great due to spacing, but the Spurs defense is terrible and Yak would improve that. Who really knows what Pop will do. The spurs are a bunch of square pegs for round holes right now - there are some good defenders that can't shoot and some good shooters that can't defend And when your two franchise guys are poor defenders, that live off the mid-range game you know you are going to struggle when that is the description of your role players. Tough fits all around. Said it in the summer and nothing has shown me reason for change - IMO spurs aren't making the playoffs...[so they might as well see what they got in Poeltl and roll him out...but I also can't see Pop waving the white flag...]


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DeMar DeRozan has been impressed with Jakob Poeltl's recent play.

"He’s a rim protector and screener. He rebounds on both ends," DeRozan said. "That helps gives us extra possessions. There’s just a lot of small things he goes out there and does that gives us extra possessions." Poeltl has started two games in a row and both have resulted in wins with the big man averaging 8.0 points, 10.5 rebounds, 1.0 assists, 3.0 blocks and 1.0 steals in 30.0 minutes. Coach Gregg Popovich said he likes what he's seen from Rudy Gay in the second unit, so maybe he sticks with Poeltl as a starter for a while. He's worth a long look if you need a big.



So he's actually starting already.

I badly need stocks. Do Spurs fans think that Jacob can keep this up?

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he is worth pick up  for any team based on his play in last 2 weeks.

7.2/9.2/1 ast/0.8 st/2.0 blk on 55%  and 50% FT% on 1.6 attempts with 0.8 TO


99th over last 2 weeks on BBM standard 9 cat rankings

Ranked ahead of Butler, Gobert, Draymond , Tatum and only 16 spots behind AD

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Huge night ahead. Is there any indication how Poeltl will do against Golden State? He has one massive game last year with Toronto against Warriors. He had 11 off. rebs. there. Other games last and this season are nothing to talk about. You would think it would be very hard against Cousins and without Cousins even harder as Warriors would spread the floor more?

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