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Vent & Rant Thread 2018-2019

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2 hours ago, Bugs bunny said:

What makes it even more frustrating is, for the life of me, where are these Leagues?  I can never find Leagues like these. It baffles the crap out of me. Is there some underground crazy league society I'm completely unaware of? 


Yahoo Public leagues and ESPN leagues probably. Covington is like 27% owned on ESPN, that tells you a lot.


Anyway I can tell you they are not actually fun, I've played in similar leagues and it just gets boring because you can get any player you want, and you get to a point where there are so many good FAs available that you don't know what to do anymore, you have to leave half a dozen of top 100 players on the wire while the others still roster Dwyane Wade and Joakim Noah.


I'm having much more fun in my deep competitive leagues, waking up salty in the morning because someone picked up Rodions Kurucs overnight

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I paid Anthony Davis prices for Towns in an auction draft and I'm getting Kwame Brown production. 

kawhi - out 4 games in a row with bruised vulva teague - glass ankles booker - ejected today with light skin angst lord covington - bruised ankle for our sins   going to lose

I had to drop P. Siakam and M. Harrel for streaming slots.

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5 minutes ago, battaginlemon said:

I'm having much more fun in my deep competitive leagues, waking up salty in the morning because someone picked up Rodions Kurucs overnight

 I was so excited to see Gay on the wire in one of my leagues.  I live on the East Coast (for now, moving to California midseason), so I wasn't gonna bother to stay up and see how Gay did, and didn't really want to blow the #8 waiver on him.  Figured if he played well, the #8 wouldn't do it anyway, and if he played badly, he'd pass waivers anyway.


I wake up at 6:30 to get ready for work and check to see if he's there for me this morning.  Well, he passed waivers, but someone that I imagine is either overseas or West Coast was thinking the same s--- I was and snagged him literally two minutes after he cleared waivers.  I cursed while I got up to brush my teeth, but yeah, it's more fun than the leagues where people don't even set their lineups.

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When you build a team for Roto and bank on top guys anchoring your FT cat.... 


Lamarcus Aldridge: Shooting 62% on 9.7 attempts (84%/5+ attempts last year) - 4 z-score delta from expectation (BBM)

James Harden: Shooting 76% on 8 attempts (86%/10 attempts last year) - 3 z-score delta from expectation (BBM)


It's early and it'll regress to the mean but it still hurts.

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2 hours ago, Cmilne23 said:

Decided too long on my pick drafiting got stuck with Lou Williams in 5th round on a momentary auto pilot.  Desperately want to cut just so I can forget about it.  F****** worthless.  

Sounds like when I was deciding between drafting Gallinari, Rudy Gay or gambling on Cousins then ran out of time and it autodrafted Dirk for me. 

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