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Malik Monk 2018-2019 Season Outlook


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Its pretty simple on why Osman>Monk for now - Osmans minutes and role is locked in, he is getting 30+ mpg. While Monk has the most upside of any of the wings in Charlotte besides Batum, his minutes are far from guaranteed. I think they have similar ceilings, but Osman's floor is way higher. 

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31 minutes ago, PAX said:





because i felt monk would have a higher ceiling being a lottery pick....not too sure i'm wrong yet, even though i'm getting a buncha shiit for it lol.


i think osman played over his head in the opener....monk may very well continue putting up what he put up last night, while osman comes back down to earth.


we'll see.

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On 10/17/2018 at 10:39 PM, the1gq2nvy said:

If anyone followed the game they were down by over 20 at one point. The coach just stuck with the group that was hot that brought them back. Doesn't mean itll be his night to night.



Pretty much what i said. Now that they are ahead they are just using their normal rotations. Not saying he will be completely useless

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