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Nemanja Bjelica 2018-2019 Season Outlook


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1 hour ago, sgergole said:

check the comments about JJJ and Bjelica. They have similar numbers. 

For JJJ it is: incredible player

For Bjelica: barely rosterable in 12 teamers



Chrizz already did a good job of explaining this particular example, but as for your initial point about European players getting less attention and recognition I don't think that's an easy statement to make. Attention-wise Americans probably get more coverage, but that can be attributed to the fact there's just more of them in the league. That would be like me (as a Canadian) complaining that American players get more attention than Canadian ones. Then, in terms of recognition, I would say that European players get an equal amount based on play. Look at how analysts will praise guys like Jokic, Gasol, and Dirk for example. 

Bjelica is playing out of his mind right now, but his long-term potential for fantasy based on his situation makes him less valuable than a guy like JJJ. Country of origin has nothing to do with that. 

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14 hours ago, DezedandConfused said:

In the top 20 so far, for sure he has been a pleasant surprise, but his per minute numbers were solid even back in Min. The only thing holding him back is Joerger's rotations.

Pts/36 he underperformed (considering how lights-out he was in Europe) but everything else, yeah. Tough to get usage on that team. Sad, seems he lost his prime years to Thibs, Wiggins and Butler.

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22 minutes ago, sgergole said:

long term he loses the starting job to bagley. but also, long term I am dead.


How "long term" do people foresee this happening? The way Bjelica's playing now, and the fact that the Kings are over .500, do you think maybe he keeps the job for the next couple of years anyway? Guy is filling up the stat sheet. 

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35 minutes ago, XOrad10 said:


This guy just spaces out the floor and passes like a damn point guard for his size.  Craft motha@$!#%! So far, he's hitting the 3 at a high clip (don't know if that's sustainable throughout the entire season), he can rebound and gives you the odd stocks too.  Guess all it took was an "opportunity" and Vlade signed this guy for 3 years and he's contributing to a successful Kings squad (so far).  I understand the hype that is Bagley but from a coach perspective, he sees there is great chemistry with this current starting 5, the game has changed to a transition/3 pointer type flow, Bjelica hitting the 3 is spacing out the floor tremendously and opening up for easy baskets, etc.  Finding waiver wire gems is a hit and miss but sometimes you just have to go with your gut, keep trying and you'll eventually find one.  


Here's hoping this Bjelica train keeps on rolling.

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I remember him having a run like this last year with Wolves. Lasted for almost a month, but that's because Butler came back. Guy is textbook Euro player (big, shoot 3's, floaters, above average passer) but he always ends up in less than ideal situations. I currently have him as a streamer until the wheels fall off.

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10 minutes ago, SolariNatividad said:

We are talking about the kings here. Do we really see them in playoff contention?

I get your point, and a smart coach would follow this line of thinking. But Zach Randolph averaged 30mins post-break last year. Killed my Skal play. Even Z-bo didnt understand why he was still playing.

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