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Montrezl Harrell 2018-2019 Season Outlook


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1 minute ago, DoctorLove said:

Had him on my bench cause I wanted to see one more game. Now I’m sold.


please tell me a good chunk of this line isn’t a product of garbage time.


Garbage time happened BECAUSE of Trez.


He was already on his way to a solid line, and Doc put him in end of Q3 and the lead just grew in Q4.

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Does this guy have a street ball background? He talks so much crap on the court... Personally I love it. Watch the highlights from yesterdays game and you'll hear some funny stuff. Anyways, picked him up as a streamer but gotta hold now. 

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4 hours ago, Wogee said:

Should i waste 1st waiver priority on him? (yahoo 12teams points league)


Depends maybe on how competitive the league is / how's the WW in general... that said, I feel #1 on Harrell is a gamble that might not live up to the #1 value (especially if you end up missing a better option). But yeah, depends also on the competitiveness. My 2 cents.


edit. the FT% specifically still feels like a mirage, but so far so good. Maybe he truly is gunning for MIP status.

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