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Will Barton 20018-2019 Outlook

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Timeline here:  

In a 12 team league. Is he worth a pick-up at this point? What do you guys project ROS?

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The two blocks he made last night were the two best plays from that game. Can't tell if the chasedown on Grayson Allen's dunk attempt or the one where he pinned Mitchell's shot on the glass after it looked like he got beat to the hoop was better. He sparked a nice run in the 3rd Q. Looked like he's back to normal physically, at least. Tbh I'd never really watched him play much until this season but knew his value from a fantasy perspective. His helter-skelter playing style is funny to watch but he makes it work when he's at his best. I'm a fan

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Dropped for Wes Matthews in a 12 team 9-cat. Barton is still a good hold, though, but he only has one good year under his belt (last year). Forwards in general are extremely scarce this year. So if you are going to drop him, make damn sure you have a surplus in forwards or that it is for another forward. It would also be wise to only exchange him for somebody consistent (because Barton is one of the best flyers available).

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23 hours ago, claptondecheeks said:

He's definitely lived up to the hype these past few games. Hopefully he continues playing like this RoS


Yea he’s been much better recently. Better late than never for all of us who waited a full season for this. 

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On 3/8/2019 at 10:21 AM, chud12 said:


Yea he’s been much better recently. Better late than never for all of us who waited a full season for this. 

meh, arguable, i made an executive decisiont od rop him for kenrich williams, hes performed better over the last month. 

Too many mouths to feed in denver and he can have an off night and they will not hesitate to feed someone else the ball or give somenoe else minutes. 

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30 minutes ago, whips02 said:

Thoughts on Barton entering the 2019-2020 season?


Late Round target to outproduce his ADP?

Really just a cuff to Gary Harris.  His highest finish is 52nd but that’s because he played 36 minutes and got a ton of usage.  He doesn’t bit that many threes for a wing nor does he get stocks.  His efficiency is about average.  He does get a few assists but only when he has the playing time.  14/4/3 with 1.5 threes, 1 steal.  He’s rosterable but is just another wing.  

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