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Prince vs Harris WHIR


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Got offered Gary Harris for my Prince (9 cat 8 team roto league).


Lacking guards, so I'm serious considering accepting this. 


Rest of my team:

Harden, Rubio

Oladipo, Hart

Prince, Ingles, Richardson

Love, T.Harris, JJJ

Gobert, Kanter, Ayton

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Harris provides a lot of his value from efficiency. Looks like youre already punting that with the likes of Rubio, Jrich and Love. I would keep prince tbh, Atlanta is his team (He will be on a longer leash than any other player in the league, CC: Westbrook) 



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Thanks for the help on mine. In a vacuum, I would rather have Harris because of his contribution in steals and efficiency. Since it's roto and you're not punting anything, I would take this deal.

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