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2 possible big trades. WHIR!


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Hey guys, i think both deals are pretty solid for me but the way these players are playing makes me second guess.

Its a 12 team league, 9cath roto league. 


Trade 1: my middleton and fultz for klay and whiteside.

Middleton is the best player here and never like giving up the best player but I feel like klay won't be far behind him at the end of the year and Whiteside is looking quite solid.


Trade 2: my kemba, mirotic and valanciunas  for oladipo and Bledsoe.

I really like oladipo and Bledsoe is also solid but kemba has been balling out and mirotic also seems legit.


My team: 

Guards: Kemba, JRichardson, Reddick, fultz

Forwards: Middleton, Aaron Gordon, Mirotic 

Centers: AD, Brook Lopez, Valanciunas 

IL: Markannen 


Team after the trades:

Guards: Bledsoe, oladipo, klay, Reddick

Forwards: JRichardson, Aaron Gordon 

Centers: AD, Whiteside, Brook Lopez

IL: Markannen


What do you guys think?

Leave a link and I will help in return!

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don't trade kemba! he is going to career year and should make his way to finish top10.


i really like trade 1:

1. klay will be much better. he was terrible in 3PT until now, but he already proved what he worth in his career. he will bounce back to his career numbers sooner than later.

2. I really dont like Fultz. He had 2 good games this week when Ben Simmons was injured... I cant call it sell high, but in my opinion he won't be better this year.

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I don't like either to be honest.  Klay will bounce back, but GSW is so stacked, not to mention possible less shots with Boogie on board (maybe/ maybe not).  Any of the GSW starters will most likely random rest days as they will cruise to the playoffs.  Middleton is young and is expanding his game.  I also don't like giving up the best player in a trade.  I don't trust Whiteside either.


Kemba is having a career year and I don't see hm slowing down and has a good chance of finishing ahead of Oladipo this year.  Miortic is/was a sell high, but he is still going to outproduce his ADP.  Val .. if he ever gets minutes (which he probably won't) will be a monster.  Either way he manages to produce in 20 minutes.

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I think Trade 1 is solid but I don't like Klay Thompson's fantasy value being in a stacked Golden State. With that being said he will improve but it's so risky.

I think Klay is a good offset to the 3PM category you would be losing by trading Middleton. You also dump Fultz and get a solid player in Whiteside


I think Trade 2 is good considering Trade 1 since you are essentially trading 1 Kemba, Mirotic for Bledsoe, Dipo (You already replaced JV's value with Whiteside)


Overall, I think you win but it's risky 




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I like Trade 1. Like you said Klay will pick it back up. I don't see fultz being productive at all this year. I like adding Whiteside to bolster your boards, fg%, and blocks next to AD. 


Trade 2. Others have already mentioned, but kemba is in a contract year and has free reign on offense. 

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