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Jarrett Allen for Jeff Teague WHIR

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12 Team H2H 9 Cats


I have quite a few bigs and I could use another PG.  Looking to move one of my bigs for a PG. I'm thinking:


A) My: Jarrett Allen (or Enes Kanter)  

     For: Jeff Teague


B) My: Jarrett Allen (or Enes Kanter) + Brook Lopez (or WCJ)

     For: DeMar DeRozan


Thoughts?  WHIR



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I'd try to keep Allen, maybe try to move WCS for Richardson, Doncic, Lonzo, Dragic, LouWill. I'd try to punt assists and get as close to the steal out put as possible with hopefully better %s or more contribution in 3s in return. 


May also consider moving on from Kanter before long. Knicks tanking might mess with his fantasy outlook. 



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