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Drop Dedmon for....? WHIR!

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12 Team H2H 9 Cat:

Drop: Dewayne Dedmon

For: Darren Collison


Looking to move a center and I know Collison is not that exciting, but my wire is super thin and I have way too many centers (7 active..).  Other drop option would be WCJ or SGA (but dropping SGA kind of defeats the purpose).  Thoughts? WHIR

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I'd do it personally. DD had that fluke game with 5 blocks but I'd expect closer to his first game most nights. John Collins is only a month- month and a half away which will cut into his minutes. 


Collison is pretty bad, the other guys were right about that. He's being held back by Tyreke and Joseph though. If either goes down his value takes a good jump. The main factor I see in owning him are his steals. Only really hurts you in fg%, doesn't turn the ball over a ton. 



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