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Kanter for Teague? WHIR!

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I like it but the trades pretty good though even up, no Shai imo. Kanter and Teague are pretty similar in production comparing last season and this seasons averages. I'd expect Teagues fg% to raise as the season goes on, could see a bump in steals too. Contributing to 3s helps, but I think his assist/TO ratio is what really sells him. 


Yahoo says Kanter may be shut down to help the tank in NY but idk if I believe it. His %s and rebounding are definitely nice, always has the chance to play whole games with little to no supporting stats though. 


All my leagues have 2 "C" positions so he may be worth keeping over Teague if yours does too. Sucks having someone on your bench playing but no open starting spot to put them in. 


Any opinions are appreciated! 



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