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Byron Buxton 2019 Outlook

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21 minutes ago, ST. STEVEN said:

I'd hit Polanco lead-off and Buxton 2nd...


Buxton, Polanco, and Kepler have pretty drastic righty/lefty splits. Buxton has a .432wOBA against L and .328 against R. He hasn't really done anything against R this year to justify any other spot, but I think he'd be great against L in the leadoff slot. You could move either Polanco or Kepler down against L as they have a .325 and .317 wOBA respectively. 

I think they're optimal lineup against lefties would be:

1. Buxton (.432wBOA)

2. Garver (.507)

3. Cron (.477)

4. Cruz (.443)

5. Rosario (.345)

6. Sano (.359)

7. Polanco (.325)

8. Schoop (.286)

9. Kepler (.317)

I realize it'll never happen.

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Buxton is like a Thursday night with the boys. You know you got work in the morning, you tell yourself eh I'll just have a pint, quick snack... 3 hours later you're 2 shots and 5 pints deep throw

Looks hot now....   then you draft him.     


2 hours ago, Low and Away said:

Where would you bat him though? The highest in the order I could see him might be 6th and that isn't ideal as it wouldn't improve his counting stats, imo. 

Kepler has a line of 42/15/40/1 with 26 walks/38k  .264AVE, .341OBP, .536SLG, .878OPS

Polanco 41R/10HR/34RBI   .333AVE, .393OBP, .569SLG, .962OPS

3-5 almost has to be Cron, Rossario, and Cruz in some order. Then Sano at 6th with Schoop/Garver following. 

9th just seems to be where he fits best in the order.


I would bat him lead-off (or maybe 2nd) against lefties and sixth against righties.  

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7 hours ago, cs3 said:

First off, my comment isn't directed at you personally, but I see this kind of thing posted very often, and I want to present a more useful line of thinking.

I get what you're saying about ADP and being happy with what you've got out of him, but that's not really how you should view guys like Buxton. For example, he had an 18th rd ADP on Yahoo. An 18th rounder returning 18th round value is not helping you win your league. You can argue that its not even helping you at all. 18th round value is not really even startable in normal sized leagues . In order to win leagues you need your late rounder to provide surplus value. Because if you aren't getting more than you paid for on those late round fliers, then theyre basically useless and can be replaced by players on the waiver wire. If you're looking to win your league, Buxton has still been a disappointment.


And this isn't limited to just Buxton or just this thread. (And im not even necessarily trying to say that Buxton has only provided 18th round value. I know hes been better than that.) In general you're hoping to hit on a couple late rounders that provide significant surplus. While its fairly important for early round picks, getting "what you pay for" out of those end-of-the-draft guys is not actually helping you. Surplus value is what's important


Agree to disagree. Buxton is ranked in the 60-70 range on the season overall right now. And he's #20 over the last month and I think he'll settle into the 50's pretty easily with the adjustments he's made this year. Dude was going in the 180-200 range. 

That's surplus value to me. 

Oh yeah and he's one of the few legit SB threats who doesn't kill you in every other batting category. Immensely valuable in my eyes.

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4 minutes ago, TTRA1N said:

Mondesi has

6 HR/26 SB


Yeah woops, looks like I misread the statline there. 

So no one in the AL has made it to 10/10 yet, and Buxton could be the first!



In the AL other candidates to be the first to reach 10/10 are Tim Anderson (9/15), Kevin Kiermaier (8/11), Rafael Devers (9/8), Austin Meadows (12/8), and Ramon Laureano (9/8) 

In the NL you have Yelich (25/14), Story (15/11), & Marte (10/11) already there and Robles (9/9), Myers (11/9), Puig (11/9) & Acuña Jr. (15/9) knocking on the door.  

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I can see why they’re afraid to touch anything with Buxton. And they’re winning baseball games. So it’s obviously been an “ain’t broke don’t fix it” approach. 

At the beginning of the season the strategy of hitting Buxton ninth was perfectly logical. Get his glove out in CF all day every day while minimizing the number of his ABs the team had to eat. But at this point I think he’s proven that his ABs should no longer be considered a liability. 

Once he finally gets to the plate, his speed actually plays well from the bottom of the order, which also affords him pretty good protection.

The drastically reduced plate appearances from batting 9th are real though (he has only 220 PAs despite playing pretty much every day which is like 7th on the team). But that’s probably hurting his fantasy numbers more than the Twins for the reasons above. I mean it’s not like they’re running out a bunch of easy outs at the top of the order. If that were the case, then he probably would have been moved to leadoff a long time ago. 

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Buxton exited Friday's game against the Royals due to a right wrist bruise, and he'll be considered day-to-day moving forward, Brandon Warne of ZoneCoverage.com reports.


Spin: Buxton was drilled by a pitch on his right wrist, though he luckily avoided any structural damage. Max Kepler or Eddie Rosario may need to bump over to center field if Buxton is unable to go Saturday

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The guy plays with reckless abandon that is fun to watch...unless he’s on your fantasy team. Every time I watch the Twins and see a fly ball hit to the gap I yell at my TV “Don’t get hurt!” But he never listens.


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