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Anthony Rizzo 2019 Outlook

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I think if you were to look back on the 2018 outlook, I probably said the same thing.  Even with a large slump - that seemingly occurs with Rizzo every year - he still had essentially the same numbers as he's had over the last few years. 




Numbers above you can almost book it with Rizzo, however, he's also turning 30 during next season.   Crazy to think he's turning 30!

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1B getting a little worse and worse certainly helps his case...even with some 1B regression, I still think he is likely to remain a little overdrafted/overvalued.   Heads up player also gives you usually 5+ steals.

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I love Rizzo. He is consistent and stays on the field. His power was down a bit in 2018, but you can basically bank on 30+ homers, 90+ runs, 100+ RBI, and a handful of stolen bases. He also makes fantastic contact and walks at a respectable rate. I'll be targeting him towards the end of the third round.

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4 minutes ago, MichiganxTrumbull said:

I dont subscribe to slow starters and such. but s--- if rizzo cant hit in april, but his year end numbers always end up playing well

18- .158

17- .260

16- .218


Yeah I don't believe in slow/fast starters labels either, but I do buy the skills with Rizzo. He'll be fine. 

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7 hours ago, fingy said:

2 doubles and a ding. Signs of life.

Yeah this slow start thing might just be his modus operandi now. Buy now if you can. Hold if you own. And remember this in 2020!

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That’s our boy. He’s homered in 4 of his last 5 games now after that 3-run blast today. He looks really dialed in at the dish right now. Hopefully, his hot bat will get Bryant going too. There aren’t many combos as good as those guys when they’re both feeling it.

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