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Anthony Rizzo 2019 Outlook

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6 hours ago, Fuzzy_Slippers said:

Currently slashing .346/.400/.731 so far this month. I doubt he will ever develop into an elite player, but he's still a top 25 hitter.


He's already elite in real-world baseball and in OBP leagues.

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5 hours ago, BRYZZO said:

Damn no posts for him since May! Even though he’s cooled off this month, he’s still had an All-Star caliber year so far. He’s an underrated asset for sure. 

All-Star?  Behind Freeman, Bell and Pete Alonso in the NL for sure but yeah really good.

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3 hours ago, 33legend said:

Any word on Rizzo this week? Strange he sat again one day after returning on Saturday. Would hate to take another zero from him this week. 

I think he tweaked his back last week. so they might give him some extra rest here and there. 

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1 hour ago, My Dinner With Andre said:


Fwiw yesterday's opposing pitcher was Gio Gonzalez, a starter Rizzo historically had very little success against...



Rizzo is 2/32 with 0 XBH vs. Gonzalez in regular season games.

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3 hours ago, yake said:

Is he definitely done for the year.  Can't find anything definitive.  thanks


"Anthony Rizzo will wear a boot for 5-7 days after an MRI revealed a moderate lateral right ankle sprain.

Advice: He will be further evaluated after that before the next steps are determined. Given that the sprain was deemed moderate and there are only two weeks left in the season, it would seem to be a long shot that Rizzo makes it back before the end of the regular season."

He'll definitely be out this week.

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