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Noah Vonleh 2018-2019 Season Outlook

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I think these questions are relevant here because we're talking bout the best guy to pick up here. People mentioning Harrell, siakam, I'll throw out Zac Collins too. All these guys seem to be in a gro

Lol. Classic Roto Forums. First quarter RIP. Drop city. Second half,  he's the best player on the team. 4th quarter, ok I'll hold for now. After game, definite hold.

Loll dude legit won me my assist category by 2 assists out of absolutely nowhere. Perfect on a night when both Lowry and Jrue disappointed with their assists totals. 


Is this going to be a thing now? Vonleh as an play-making big? Lol. That'd be amazing. 


Anyone watch the game and see how he got these assists? We're they legit assists or just lucked into a career high by accident sort of deal?

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1 hour ago, simon said:


Need insight regarding this as well.

He regulary brought up the ball after a rebound and made some nice plays. On top he was part of a lot of curl plays.

Most importantly though the bunch of brick machines he passed to finally made some shots. Truly believe he could've had multiple 5+ AST games if he wasn't passing to the likes of Mudiay all the time.

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On 13.11.2018 at 7:18 AM, wisegeeks said:


I'm feeling for your "outlook" man



11 PTS 13 REB 2 STL 1 BLK

10 PTS 11 REB 1 STL 2 BLK



Below is Harrell's "reality" for the past 5 games

23 PTS 8 REB  1 STL 4 BLKS 76.9% FG

26 PTS 9 REB 1 BLK 75% FG

19 PTS 6 REB 1 STL 3 BLKS 88.9% FG

13 PTS 7 REB 3 STL 85.7% FG

10 PTS 12 REB 3 BLK 50% FG


You still have fun owning Harrell? :P


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