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Terrence Ross 2018-2019 Outlook

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What on earth has gotten into this guy?  I keep expecting the cool down to come but every time I check him out he's putting up another 16-20 point game with a bunch of 3s.  Thank god he didn't get traded because his role with Orlando seems to be takeover the 2nd unit scoring all by himself and then close out games.

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10 minutes ago, iowncrazyhair said:


I am also intrigued. Anyone watching the game? (Even tho its only orl vs nyk)

He didn't even enter the game for the first quarter. He top scored last game and basically won it for them. Odd coaching if there isn't any other issues...

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Traded him + Kyrie a while back for Drummond. I regretted it a little for a couple of weeks after bc Kyrie was healthy and beasting while Ross really began to take off, although Drummond was also killing it.


Then Kyrie started to miss games again and Ross started to regress to the mean, so I guess it was for the better. I missed him but glad I sold pretty high on Ross.

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