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12 Team H2H (punt t/o's)


My: Anthony Davis and Mike Conley 

For: Giannis for Bradley Beal


So.. I know AD is the best player in fantasy but he makes me nervous because of his history with injuries.  Which side pair would your other have ROS (I like Bucks and Wizards fantasy playoff schedule s well). WHIR!!!


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That's a close one. Anyway, without knowing your categorical needs or standings or playoff schedule...


Hard for me to trade AD just because of his injury history, and in the past two years he did play 75 games apiece, so it's not that bad. I see what you're doing though - AD and Conley is the pair w/ the higher injury risk. And you probably got Conley with good value too, so it could potentially be selling high (before an inevitable injury). Yet there's a lot of uncertainty there - we can't be sure who will get injured and when. I owned Giannis last year and expected 80 games from him, yet he ended up getting banged up a lot and down to 75 as well.


If it were me...I would probably lean just an inch towards going for the trade. In my years of fantasy, injury history is typically telling. I'm that sort of player that has a DND list because I want all my players to be on the court.



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