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gallinari for fox? (WHIR)


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Without knowing your categorical needs of league-related factors (like playoff schedule), I'm loving Gallinari's third-round production too much to give him away. Sure, the injury risk is there...but his current production is so high that it would be worth it to me. IMO, if you got him for good value, like in the mid-to-late rounds, then might as well just keep him and ride it out. Fox probably won't end up higher than late-round value or mid-late round value, anyway.



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56 minutes ago, baskiceballer said:

I would definitely try and shop Gallo, but since you are selling high, I’d aim a little higher than fox

Agree.. try to sell high Gallo, he is hot right now but will get injured anytime now.. 


Thanks in helping mine.

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