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11.1.18 -- TNF: Oakland Raiders @ San Francisco 49ers Game Thread

Patrick Bateman

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1 minute ago, egomaniac247 said:


Yup, deservedly so too.  How does a NFL defense let an undrafted practice squad, basically a rookie hang this on them?!

That defense you played is so bad is next to last in D scoring. 

Next week you should try the Falcons D 

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Just now, Proteus said:

The 2019 outlook on the 9ers backfield will be interesting.


And horrible.


and the source of arguments from oh, say January to September

Definitely a steer clear for me... but I think McKinnon is by far the best RB on the roster... but it seems like every RB on their team is injured so who knows what will happen next year.

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6 minutes ago, egomaniac247 said:

I am the idiot who not only started the OAK DST, I did so with A TON of giddy humble bragging to my league-mates about what a great idea this was going to be.






I'll join in on the humiliation.  Although my season was basically on the cliffs edge already...Raidas just gave me the final nudge I believe


This Mullens threw how many picks in preaseason tho?

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2 minutes ago, MrPositive said:

If Gruden is offered a 1st rounder for Carr, does he and would you take it?


I bet he would, Carr has done nothing this season to make anyone think he is better than a backup QB. 

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