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Who should I cut? WHIR


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12 team 9 cat ROTO daily moves

Have to make room for Harden returning. Cut SGA or Tyreke? It's a tough call we know what Reek can do but his role right now on the Pacers is a lot less than it was with the Grizz last year. SGA is an upside stash I think basically he's around 20 minutes right now with clips which kind of caps his upside right now but the potential upside is pretty worthwhile IMO. 

I suppose I could also dump Nance Cleveland is really annoying me with his limited PT especially with Love gone for a while. But if I do that it would leave me really thin at C with just Carter and Mitchell Robinson (its a 2 C league) 

Thanks ! WHIR:)

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Like you said «Tough call »


Even Joseph plays at least the same min than Evans...


SGA is a great upside but you have to wait the Big decision from coach Doc concerning the rotation with Pat Bev, Teodosic, Bradley, Lou Willams and Wallace.

lot of guy for PG/SG slot


but I think Evans is a more safe now and SGA after Christmas..?




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