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Ronald Acuna 2019 Outlook


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1 hour ago, MartinRiggs1 said:


So this doesn't have anything to actually do with the game? its strictly on your fantasy season, got it.

"Riggs, I'm gettin' too old for this sh*t" - (Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon talking to Mel Gibson's Martin Riggs, the detective character for whom the poster to which I am replying is named after)

I did make two points, but this is a fantasy site, so yeah, I guess you're right.

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23 hours ago, Hanghow said:

If your theory carries any weight, I missed the boat to sell Acuna. It was only a matter of time before the slightest bump in the road knocked him off course. You can't give the kid special treatment; he'll walk all over everybody in the organization for the next ten years. When's it start being a problem? When he's 25, lazy, blasting teammates in the media, and openly asking to be traded? You know how you train puppies to not jump, bite, and be obnoxious because at some point, it stops being cute. That's the case in all walks of life; you can't let him get away with something Charlie Culbertson, for example, can't. It'll fracture the clubhouse and lead to a mess. Snitker did right by the organization and by Acuna. He's just in a brief slump and will be fine.


Lol I disagree wholeheartedly. There is nothing wrong with giving a little extra leeway to stars. There are also ways to discipline a player in the clubhouse rather than in the eye of the public.


Do you think Jarrett Stidham gets away with this? Absolutely not.




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12 hours ago, jfazz23 said:

anyone taking him over trout 1.1???


i think i will if i get that pick


I'm going to. Trouts missed games the last 3 seasons. His Sbs are down which are the hardest thing to find. 

Acuna hasnt hit his ceiling yet and is a true 40 40 guy. To me hes the #1. 

Yelich had a case but as a 1 too but i dont know his injuries scare me and knock him back to 3. 

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