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Tristan Thompson 2018 - 2019 Season Outlook

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1 hour ago, Jimmy21 said:

What's his rest of season outlook like? Was he playing a lot better because nance and love were out? I have no idea what's going on with the Cavs. DDs are a category in my league and they are hard to come by on the waivers.


Currently have kyle Anderson on IL. In thinking of dropping for him


7 minutes ago, bigboyish said:

I'd stash him just to see what happens. I'm rolling with Nance right now with TT in the IR as an insurance policy.


I have Nance and am storing TT on IR as insurance as well. Nance *should* get the bulk of minutes if the Cavs has any common sense but anytime Drew has had the opportunity to play TT over  Nance he has. I had Kyle too but I dropped him because I fear his shoulder injury is more serious than we are being led to believe and he could be out for the majority of the remaining season.

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The assman is back!

Idk why there isn't more hype about how this guy is playing !!   I understand that there's a good chance this guys production falls off when k love returns but this guy has literally been dr

He is also on the waiver in my league, but don’t know who I should drop for him... I mean he was playing really good before the injury but now it seems like he lost his place to Nance and Love is also coming back. Not to forget Zizic ... 

just too crowded?!

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