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Buy low Jokic WHIR


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Got offered Jokic for my Gobert and Gary Harris. Thoughts?


9 cat 8 team roto league


My team:

Harden, Payton

Oladipo, Beal, G.Harris


J.Collins, Wendell Carter Jr., Jaren Jackson Jr

Gobert, Ayton, Allen, Harrell

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Accept of course. In an 8 team league depth is always there anyway so almost every time you get the best player in the deal it's a big win. If your league makes these type of trades you should 2 for 1 your whole roster until you have only 1st - 3rd rounders. Pick the rest up on the wire because even there will be pure gems in 8 team wire. Edit* you also won't miss Goberts blocks with WCJr, JJJ, Allen, etc.

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