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Give Cooks, Get Tevin Coleman? w h i r

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12 Team. Half ppr,


WRs: Hopkins, MT, Boyd, Cooks

RBs: Mixon, Collins, Barber, CThompson, McGuire




WRs: AJGreen, Baldwin, Ridley, Goodwin, Cobb

RBs: Barkley, AP, PLinsey, TColeman



I could offer straight up 1-for-1, or throw in an RB2 for WR2 to alleviate position depth for both teams.



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I think that is a for sure thing for you. Coleman if i recall seeing somewhere has a pretty favorable ROS schedule. I think it helps out your RB situation 10 fold where you dont rely on collins and you have 2 set and forget guys. I dont think you need to offer more than 1-1. He should jump on it too. Both are WR/RB 12 in their respective position. Fair trade, just a trade for position need.



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