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Give Cooks, Get Phil Lindsay? w h i r

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12 Team. Half ppr.    Start 2RB, 2WR 1RB/WR Flex



WRs: Hopkins, MT, Boyd, Cooks

RBs: Mixon, Collins, Barber, CThompson, McGuire




WRs: AJGreen, Baldwin, Ridley, Goodwin, Cobb

RBs: Barkley, AP, TColeman, PLindsay,



I need a reliable RB2, and I've got Boyd on my bench every week.

He is weak at WR and has 4 startable RBs.


Is giving Cooks for Lindsay too much?

Maybe offer Boyd for Lindsay?

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I wouldn't make the trade.  Lindsay is going to get his touches broken into when Freeman comes back.  Even if he stays the lead back, Freeman won't go away like Penny did because he's been pretty decent.  Lead back of a RBBC isn't worth cooks in my opinion.  Maybe cooks + Collins for Coleman?  Tbh only one of his RB's I really like is saquon, the others are unreliable to me(AP because he lost 3 o lineman this week, 2 for the season).  

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In a Vacuum, Cooks is worth more than Lindsey. However, you need Lindsey a lot more than you need Cooks. I would grit my teeth and do the deal, especially with the trade deadline approaching.



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