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Michel & Diggs for D.Adams [WHIR]


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Currently I'm 4-5 outside of playoffs, and lost 4 in a row. My team has been underpeforming however a 2nd place owner would like to trade for my Davante Adams for Diggs & Michel. I would be sort of weak at WR since TY Hilton is my WR2 however I would be upgrading my flex if Michel is healthy as he would be a lowend RB1 or high end 2. Wondering if I should stay put. 10 Team. .5 PPR

My team:

QB: Matt Ryan

WR: Davante Adams

WR: TY Hilton


RB: McCaffrey

TE: Kittle

Flex: Dion Lewis

Bench: Breida, Alex Collins, Marvin Jones Jr. Golladay


Their team assets: Conner, Michel, Hopkins, Diggs, Fournette. 


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That's a great trade. I don't know that Adams is really that much better than Diggs. Adams is better, but Diggs is a top 10-15 WR in his own right. Then Michel was starting to look really solid before his injury. So I would definitely accept this.



Help with mine please. Thanks.


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18 hours ago, Olliemets said:

On the surface I like it and it makes your RB depth great, but you’d be lacking an alpha WR1 which hurts in a 10 team league. I’d try to flip Breida/Collins and Golladay for another great WR, then accept.





Thanks, I took your advice and actually flipped Breida and Marvin Jones Jr. for JuJu.


Now the offer of Diggs and Michel is still on the table. Now if I accept Diggs and JuJu can be WR2’s and Michel solid flex or hold with Adams WR1, JuJu WR2, and Flex with TY Hilton or Dion Lewis. 


What do you guys think?


Any other input I’ll reply to your own questions.

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