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Pick 2 of 4 for Flex Spots (WHIR)


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Duke Johnson & Valdes-Scantling for me.


MVS and Ridley are close for me, but I give MVS the nod because GB is at home, MVS is a freak, and I can absolutely see GB murdering the Fins.  You'd have to think Rodgers is gaining more trust in MVS.  To me, that means he'll take more chances and give MVS more opportunities to win on 50/50 balls, much like last week.  I also think there's a chance Cleveland's pass-rush will make things difficult on Ryan.


I'd have to imagine the Browns will either be playing from behind or at least trying to go blow for blow with Atlanta to keep pace.  That leads me to believe Duke Johnson will be busy.  Also, Pat Daugherty wrote this about DJ on Monday:


Fantasy owners should count on this being an every-week thing. It’s quite possible Kitchens was just exploiting the Chiefs’ well-known vulnerability over the middle of the field. Thankfully for Johnson, Week 10 opponent Atlanta has the same vulnerability, and is somehow even worse than the Chiefs at policing running back receptions. No team has hemorrhaged more catches to enemy runners.


Titans are solid against the run.  Not that any defense scares NE, but I think it's a good week to keep Michel on the bench until you have a better idea of how healthy he is. 

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Wow that's a great question, as evidenced by the replies.


First to lay it out - the problem with Ridley is that he's one of many options. The good thing is that the Browns' pass coverage is decimated. Sony's fitness is in question, and they have a bye next week which could go either way - they may feel they can test him out, but also they may want to limit him and let him heal next week. And there's the fact that he's a Pats RB, so anything could happen.


Duke has been a bust all season...until now. The question is whether last week was a flash in the pan, or whether this is a proper change in the offense. It's not like the Browns have a wealth of WR options, and they're almost certain to be chasing the game. Then MVS. It's looking like Cobb will be at best limited, with a decent chance the hammy takes him out mid game. We just don't totally know what the offense will look like, and there's a chance Miami are just terrible and it's the Aaron Jones show.


But you know all that. 


What sort of points do you need? Are you just looking for something solid, or upside? I think I'd choose MVS without question for the upside, and I think I'd fire Duke up alongside him. It's a really tough question though.


Help with mine?



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