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Nah, I own Harris and I think Gobert is the better player. His blocks are elite and that's one of the hardest cats to be strong in. Plus you're in a 8-team league, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a scorer that can shoot a lot of 3s on the wire, which is Harris' main strength.



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1 minute ago, Bengalo said:

Bbm projects Harris on 15, Gobert on 28.

In ESPN ROTO ranking Gobert is 14, Tobias - 50. In fantasypros: Gobert 20th, Tobias - 33rd. In hashtagbasket - Gobert at 28th, Tobias - 39th. There is no way Tobias to be ahead of Gobert at the end of the season in roto barring some Gobert`s injury.

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