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Successful Trades 2018-2019

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I'm convinced that most of those trades are completed in yahoo public leagues.   Half of them aren't realistic at all, so it's not really helpful.

Traded Vooch and PG13 for Kat 2 weeks ago. Now I look at it, I probably overpaid haha.

Traded:  Tobias Harris and John Collins   Got:  Karl Anthony Towns    

Been busy last couple of a days... Points League with Bench Boost feature.


Oladipo, Aaron Gordon, Jae Crowder, Monte Morris <-> Butler, Harrell, Saric, Josh Hart


Butler had SG/SF and Oladipo has, well, bum knee. Basically I'm expecting Harrell to win the trade for me as he could and should be considerably better than Gordon ROS. And Gordon just got hurt and that was one of the reasons I was willing to move him. Very injury prone player. Had to give Crowder for that. Had Saric and Hart as throw-ins and tried to spin them forward...


Didn't do well with that and switched Hart for Cousins from the waiver just before the news broke. That might turn out well.


Saric <-> Rozier

Needed point guard as Dunn and Payton are out. Rozier doubles as a stash too. Maybe they trade him or maybe Irving injures. Saric atm has a little advantage as far as points go, but neither one has anything you can't get from the waivers at this moment. Rozier could be a lot more, Saric not so much? If it doesn't pan out I can ditch Rozier later for a streamer or hot pick-up.


Jarrett Allen, Joe Ingles <-> Al Horford, TJ Warren

This stung a bit. I love Allen, but his most optimistic scenario doesn't have him more than 5 fantasy points ahead of Horford. And Horford has better trade value as he is proven commodity. I'm not feeling him as "my kind of a player" so I'm actively shopping. No problem to hold, but rather have more upside on the roster.


I basically did it for TJ Warren and his SF/PF. Really needed PF to round out my roster after Saric went out. Warren should have or will have later when we manually make some additions. I was having players on the bench because the lack of flexibility on positions and this is the perfect medicine for that. And I feel like Warren is better value than Ingles. Was 2-3 points better last year and has all the upside to be at least 5 points better this season. Ingles is a bit more safe player, but it's not my style to play trades safe.


Very happy with my team now. Looking to trade Horford. Otherwise have absolutely no need to improve ATM.

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2 hours ago, Nate1213 said:

Welp, the trade got vetoed. 

You need to get a new league. That trade shouldn't be vetoed! Another example of other managers telling you how you should manage your team and value your players lmao.

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On ‎14‎.‎11‎.‎2018‎ г. at 8:08 PM, montanski said:

Two trades so far:

Got Paul for Horford and Reggie Jackson (before the season)

Got Ayton for Nurk, Portis (5 days before his injury) and IT


I think i will know how successful the trades are in april :lol: For now i am leading...

Now traded Ayton for Beal. The other owner proposed the deal.

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Traded away: 

Danilo Gallinari



Jamal Murray


kept thinking that Gallo would be injured at some point and then targeted Denver's playoff sched.

I also went for G. Harris but the Jamal owner bit first.

This was when J. Murray was struggling (he is still underperforming now compared to Gallo :lol::lol:)

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I traded my:


De'Aaron Fox and John Collins 




Josh Richardson and Derrick Rose 


I was desperate for a SF (literally don't have one right now, use it as a streaming spot) and regretted having to trade John Collins. But I am deep at PF with Siakim, JJJ, Bagley, Vonleh, and Markannen on IL. 



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12 team | h2h | 9-cat yahoo


Pascal Siakam
Steven Adams
Dennis Schröder

Draymond Green

Trade partner wanted to get rid of Draymond and was interested in Schröder as a handcuff for his Westbrook. Will try to ship Draymon as soon as he's healthy and drops a few solid lines.

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Continued my trades with shipping Al Horford out for Lou Williams. Had Lou last season and it was hell of a ride. It is not as good situation as last year, but he basically only needs Gallo to injure himself. That is very likely to happen. And if not Gallo then Bradley or Beverley. They are not known for being healthy either. I had Lou Will 8 points higher than Horford coming in the season and felt that I made a buy low trade here as Horford has been 3 points better so far. I think Lou Will will be at least as good even without injuries.


The risk here is me trusting Cousins to come back in decent form. If he is not worthy of a roster spot come March it would leave my frontline thin.


I'm set for now. Obviously having three pure SG-players (Beal, Lou Will, Buddy) will keep me interested to trade one of them (Beal most likely, I'm big fan of the other two players) for SF. I scouted options and there unfortunately are not too many SF-players with Beals value. Middleton and Covington are closest but not close enough. DeRozan wont move as his owner is pain in the a** to negotiate with. Kris and Rob would need second pieces and I'm not keen on moving just about anybody else than Beal.


Maybe it would be good time to stop wheelin' and dealin' and just let things to unfold. Sometimes the tinkering with roster balance gets the best of me and I tend to overmanage things losing value in the process.

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Just completed the trio of Curry/Harden/AD in my 10-team league (8-cat)


Step 1: Drafted Harden and AD for around $75 each in $200 auction budget


Step 2: Traded Lowry, Vucevic, Dunn, and Brook Lopez for Steph and WCJ


Now have Steph/Harden/AD and a surrounding core of Conley ($12), Lavine ($1), JJJ ($1), WCJ, and Gallinari (FA). Still have some work to do on my depth

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Can we do a discussion on a trade situation here? It was a trade that was successful, but I scrapped it as a League Manager. Just remove the post or take it to right topic if there is one, if this isn't place for this. Would love to have some outside views on it.


So... In our league that has been running for 10 years there is one guy who is very provocative by nature. He is always threatening with different kind of roster moves and argues a lot. He never admits trolling, but after many years of watching its obvious to me. He also is very passive as far making trades or even roster moves. He seems to be active and is active communicator, but really doesn't do anything to better his team during season. He has made maybe 1 trade for the last 3 seasons.


Now, I admit my side of the story. I scolded him a little bit yesterday for his passive ways and questioned his passion for active fantasy playing. Suddenly today he just made a trade out of a blue sky. No negotiations with anyone, just throwing a offer for his best friend in this league. It was 1-for-3 kind of a trade where he gave up DeRozan for Tristan Thompson, Trevor Ariza and Jabari Parker. It is a points league and the difference between DeRozan and the next best player Thompson is staggering, 11 points as far this season goes. We have a rule that no trades that go over 10 points differential are allowed. Just to make lopsided trades less likely to happen or execute.


Obviously the other parts off the trade just even it out and there is no rules based argument to veto the trade. But the purpose behind this all is very clear. And when you think the players involved - DeRozan has solid value and clearly the best player. Thompson is enjoying by far his best season in his career and is having big advantage through Kevin Loves injury. Ariza has performed at the same level as best players on the waivers and his future is murky at best. And Jabari is just now playing well days before Markkanen is coming back. And Portis is out too. It really has the feel of a provocative and manipulated trade where the only purpose is to sabotage the league. The beneficiary manager is having a very strong season and this would be really big step for him to take huge advantage ROS. It all can't be just a coincidence. 


I vetoed the trade and finally kicked the manager out of the league. I wouldn't want to do it, but he was adamant at defending the trade and accused me of attacking him personally. I'm feeling bad about the whole situation, but feel like enough is enough. Am I completely in the wrong or how are you feeling about situation like this? He has been warned and "fined" many times before for his antics.

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44 minutes ago, JormaJormala said:

Can we do a discussion on a trade situation here? It was a trade that was successful, but I scrapped it as a League Manager. Just remove the post or take it to right topic if there is one, if this isn't place for this. Would love to have some outside views on it.

That trade is obvious try to manipulate league/benefit derozan owner.All three players mentioned could end up with little or 0 value very soon

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