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Successful Trades 2018-2019

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I'm convinced that most of those trades are completed in yahoo public leagues.   Half of them aren't realistic at all, so it's not really helpful.

Traded Vooch and PG13 for Kat 2 weeks ago. Now I look at it, I probably overpaid haha.

Traded:  Tobias Harris and John Collins   Got:  Karl Anthony Towns    

In the world of "OMG I own too much Gallinari, this is a huge risk", I was able to move him for Collins like two weeks ago and Boogie two days ago.


Traded Butler and Wall for Harden and JJJ in October in one league, in another that was really sucking and had no depth, I got rid of Harden for Irving and Booker.  Traded Millsap for Nance before Millsap got hurt in a points punt league, the jury is still out on that one.

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My Thaddeus and Saric for their Lou Williams. (Early season when Lou was struggling)


My Kawhi Leonard and Myles Turner for his Anthony Davis (when turner was terrible all season and Davis had shooting and elbow issues)


My Aaron Gordon and John Collins for his Joel Embiid and Batum (same time as Butler/Embiid drama)

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In dynasty league:


I gave:



Walker IV

#3 or #4 pick this year

Pick in 2022


I received:


Pick in 2024


My first game with the Beard was the beginning of this historic run he's on. 

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Several nice trades this year!


1. My Butler for Ingles + LaVine

2. My Ingles + Tobias Harris for Conley + Adams

3. My Trae Young + Adams for Westbrook

4. My Marcus Morris for McGee


Initial roster :

G: Lowry, Trae Young, KCP, Kennard

F: Butler, Harris, Doncic, J. Simmons, Thad

C: BroLo, Horford, Bamba


Changed almost everything thanks to WW picks and trades and current roster is:

G: Westbrook, Conley, Lowry (IR), LaVine, Lamb, Joe Harris, Satoransky

F: Doncic, Winslow

C: Horford, Brolo, McGee, Bryant


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I made analysis earlier on my trades this season. I think it is time to go back and review everything again.


Rudy Gobert, Malik Monk <-> Victor Oladipo, Buddy Hield


This felt really good when I made it, but later it has been anything but. It did help me solve C-position logjam and made room for later add of DeMarcus Cousins. But Gobert has gone on a tear since and is basically been better than my #1 C Drummond for weeks now.


Oladipo has been the one of the biggest busts of the season and I bet on the wrong horse regarding Sacramento. I should have targeted Bogdan Bogdanovic who took over the 6th man role from Buddy. As we get +15 points for coming of the bench he has been better than Buddy + has SG,SF against Buddys SG.


Now, I did flip em both later so this trade really didn't hurt me so much if all.


Victor Oladipo, Aaron Gordon, Jae Crowder,  Monte Morris <-> Jimmy Butler, Montzrell Harrell, Dario Saric, Josh Hart


Butler has been better than Oladipo, but still more than 15 points worse than Gobert. At least he has SG,SF. This trade in itself was a big W because also Harrell has outplayed Gordon for good margin. Other players in this trade don't matter. It did also open up two roster spots which I used for Elf Payton (not so good add) and DeMarcus Cousins (hopefully will be good later on).


Dario Saric <-> Terry Rozier


I got the better stash, but it looks like Rozier ain't moving so he will be gone for the waivers when playoffs start. IF Kyrie doesn't hurt himself... Not a fan of stashing two mediocre to bad PG's in Payton and Rozier. I have missed couple juicy adds because of these guys.


Joe Ingles, Jarrett Allen <-> TJ Warren, Al Horford

Al Horford <-> Lou Williams


This was a good stretch of trades. Warren has been easily better than Ingles (injury prone tho) and I flipped Allen basically for Lou Williams who is one of my favorites and easily better fantasy player with bench boost than either of these centers.


Kris Dunn, Buddy Hield <-> Nikola Mirotic


This felt like s--- for a week or so, but it has turned out good. Dunn is what we knew he would be. He can flash his potential here and there but in the end of the day he is going to be pretty mediocre points league player. Buddy has had  his moments, but he is capped with pretty one-sided production. I think both managers got what they wanted. He got some width and I got the best player. Mirotic has been turning it on last few games and I banked on AD to injure  himself and he did. So there is that also.


This trade also opened up a roster slot and I used it for Tomas Satoransky who has been playing on the same level as Dunn, maybe even better + PG/SG to boot.


My roster depth can be seen in my signature. It is kind of a tricky situation where I could do without so many SG's, but don't really want to sell Lou or Beal. I could sell Spencer, but have to get PG back. And I have a need for SF too. My plan at this moment is to release Rozier or Payton (don't know which one or both) for someone running hot or coming back from injury. After that I could make a trade with Dinwiddie to balance out the roster. 


The league is extremely tight this season with many managers picking up solid stuff from the waivers lately. It seems like 6-8 teams are in the running this season and the biggest favorites are only little better than the challengers. I hope there would be difference maker or two left in the waiver for my playoffs run. I just need to choose wisely on Payton/Rozier and time the drop/pick-up well.



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16-teamer keeper. 6 keep forever


VanVleet + Mack + 1st round pick <> Conley + Ariza (Received)

--> Really early in the season. the Conley+Ariza owner wasn't convinced that Conley can stay healthy for the rest of the season. Ariza was a last-second throw-in


PG13 <> Griffin + Murray + 1st round pick (Received)

--> Hated to trade PG13, but I believe I got decent value here


Danny Green + Valanciunas (before INJ) <> Covington + Justin Holiday (Received)

Justin Holiday <> Whiteside (Received)

--> Whiteside still gives me the DD's, blocks. and RoCo is a fantasy monster.

Just come back healthy plz...


Wall <> D'Lo + Brook Lopez + 1st round pick + 3rd round pick (Received)

--> everybody thought I was trippin' when I did this trade back then.

Some cried veto. Well, I guess this would be a veto right now... in a different way XD


I have Curry, D'Lo, Murray, Conley, Porzingis, Draymond, Griffin, Covington, Whiteside (probably not...)

as candidates for a keeper next year. along with 2 1st round picks

currently at 2nd by a large margin with the 3rd place.


both 1st round picks seem to be inside the top 5 since the two guys who gave me the pick is currently

ranked #11, #15.


at least it was a near-perfect season for me this year.

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